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Various Forms of Things Done in Saying Happy Father’s Day from Daughter

Mar 2nd 2020

Remembrance day for parents, whether it is for fathers or mothers, is one of the warnings aimed at remembering the services they have done to us, as their children. Usually, mother's day is the day most people recognize more than father's day because the services of a mother are said to be incomparable to the services of a father. Even so, it does not mean the celebration of Father's Day does not mean anything. Still, at moments like this, we can say thank you and express our affection to our respective fathers. Unfortunately, it is undeniable, something like this is said more often by a girl than a boy. Not surprisingly, greetings happy fathers day from daughter more often we find and find.

Boys are more ignorant than girls

What distinguishes why this can happen is the nature and characteristics of these children. A girl, who already represents a woman, is already judging and doing something based on her heart and feelings. So that they are more easy and free to convey their affection to the people they love, such as saying happy fathers day from daughter for example.

Different from boys who seem more indifferent and indifferent to things that do not interest him. Surely they will assume that such a thing is normal. Although some of them recognize that such things are important and deserve to be celebrated, but they seem strange, and rigid to do so. As a result, they are even more ashamed, and not confident to do it. Although only just say affection directly to the father.

Write a letter, make a social media story, or say it directly

Activities like that would be easier for a girl to do when father's day is underway. They will not hesitate and hesitate to do and say it. For them, it is a matter of pride to celebrate and have a father who is worthy of being proud of and exhibited to others.

Then what about boys? Of all the activities, maybe they will at least do a warning by making it in their story. Not without a reason why they do this. First, the story he made will only be seen by friends or other people close to him, not from the person concerned, his father, or other family members. Second, they are more able to express themselves to others than to those they know. It's easy to do that to people as if no burden is being felt. However, try to imagine when you have to do that directly to the father, feelings of shame, nervousness, strange, stiff, everything will surely mix up.

Not surprisingly this also happens, because a girl also has a stronger emotional attachment with her parents than a son. Also, in social life, many are often found where a daughter will be more inclined to the father than to the mother. This also supports why girls are more able to celebrate father's day than boys. So, that's a glimpse of a happy fathers day from daughter.

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