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The Best Games for Groups According to Board Game Fans

Mar 2nd 2020

Since there are so many names of board games, here we have the list of board games for groups. Board games can be touted as a thing that could put people together enjoying the time without getting twisted with their smartphones.

Also, this is how you will know your family members or friends much better. If you are looking for games that will suit your groups to play during the game night, here are our top recommendations.

Just One – The best board game for family

Just One is a simple game to play and you can enjoy this game with the whole family member on top of a coffee table in the living room. You can even teach your grandparents and uncles to play this game as well.

This game offers tons of inside jokes which will lead to great memories for sure. However, you need to be as creative as possible because it takes chemistry since you can only describe things with one word. This game suits to be played with seven players.

Monikers – The best board game for bigger groups

If you are looking for board games for groups with bigger numbers, you can try Monikers. This is going to be a fun yet silly social affair between you and your friends. It can be played for up to 20 players at once.

It is a team game and your friend will give clues to you and other teammates. The team should guess what on the card. The graphic design is interesting as well. It will make the players laugh and enjoy the game even more. The purpose of this game is like Just One.

Telestrations – Best family-friendly party board game

The most fun part of playing this game is that you can include kids. If you are into Pictionary, you will be into this game a lot but you should expect a little mix of the telephone in this game. Each player should draw the word given by the Telestration and the next person should guess it. Besides fun, this game is also a fast-paced type. No one will get bored and your family will have a good time.

The Resistance – Best social-deduction party board game

This game will put you and your friends against each other. Everyone should lie to each other to make the whole agenda as furthest as possible. There would be players who take the role of the government while the other will play as the traitor informers. The game can be played by 10 people at once and it takes around 30 minutes to finish. Every word is worth to doubt and feel free to scrutinize every action. The game is magical and fun at the same time.

So, you have reached the end part of our list. These board games would be fun to be played with your friends during the game night. We also have other game recommendations on other articles but these are best board games for groups in any size.

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