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The Best Board Games for College Students and Young Adults

Mar 2nd 2020

Talking about the best board games for college students and young adults, there are several games you should take a look at. Parcheesi seems like everyone’s favorite but you can find other board games to play for the game night. So, here is the list of best board games you can play with your college friends.

#1 Cards Against Humanity

This game is a card game that will entertain every player with its edgy and rollicking content. It will be a fun game to be played by college students and young adults anytime. This game is inspired by Apples to Apples when it comes to its gameplay.

You just need to match cards and the winner is the one who got the most hilarious combinations. Cards Against Humanity offers tons of questions and answers outrageously. The best part is that you can download the card and print it yourself.

#2 Quelf

The next on the list of the best board games for college students is Quelf. This game is funny and perfect to be played with friends no matter how old you are. You can even play it with your grandparents! All you need to do is to open the box and choose a character before starting a wild ride.

According to the cards you pick, you might be ended up singing a jingle song in your language, wearing an impromptu snorkel while fixing a sandwich, or dancing with a bizarre style. This game is very popular among college kids for sure.

#3 Forbidden Island

This game offers another way of having fun. You need to team-up with your friends to take care of the treasures such as the Statue of the Wind, the Earth Stone, Ocean’s Chalice, and the Crystal of Fire. As we have mentioned earlier, it takes teamwork so you better play well with your friends. This game is big and fun at the same time.

#4 Invasion from Outer Space

Spending an evening with your buddies would be a fun day. And it would be more fun if you play a game that involves some cheesy sci-fi twists. Invasion from Outer Space is a game that will require the players to save humanity and protect the world from the Martian with a ball and tutu to dance. If you are looking for something silly and fun yet addictive then this game should be on your list for sure.

#5 Gloom

This game is pretty hilarious and designed for fans of the Lemony Snicket. The players should compete to make the most miserable character so the topiaries will terrorize the family. You can play it for four players but if you want to add more players then you can purchase the expansion pack as well.

There are tons of interesting board games you can play. It will be a good alternative to spend days without smartphones and the internet connection. This is the end section of the best board games for college students and feel free to share your thoughts about these board games.

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